The ingredients are sake lees (brand name: Kenroku-sakura) brewed with a special method using the yeast derived from the rare Yaezakura flowers hand-picked one by one in Iwate Prefecture and fermented. It is expected to stimulate the synthesis of basement membrane proteins and normalize turnover.


This organic raw material is an extract extracted from the leaves of Sage, a plant of Labiatae family, and has received ecosate certification and ecosate certification. Sage is also known as salvia in Japan. Data on anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are available.

Free from Harsh chemicals, and Pork & Cow derived ingredients

Free of Parben, Ethanol, Talc, UV absorber, Mineral Oil, Sulfate, Pig-derived ingredients, Cow-derived ingredients, Synthetic dye, Synthetic perfume, and Silicone.

Cruelty Free

We are using the artificial skin to develop our product instead of Animal experimentation.