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Unveil the essence of "teinei," a captivating Japanese concept that encompasses meticulous attention to detail and profound contemplation. At teinei, we believe it includes both external beauty and inner radiance, deserving equal care and attention.

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The Origin of teinei.

The brand's Japanese founder lived in Malaysia for his first overseas assignment, where he experienced a warm welcome and developed a deep appreciation for the vibrant local culture. As he traveled throughout Southeast Asia, he observed a common thread among the people—a genuine embrace of diversity and a fearless display of individuality through their culture, religion, and traditions.

During his stay in Malaysia, he formed close bonds with his local colleagues and friends. Through their conversations, he discovered that skincare was a topic of concern. He noticed a significant interest in Japanese beauty among Malaysians, who frequently sought advice on Japanese culture and skincare tips.

Inspired by these encounters, he launched "teinei." Recognizing the lack of skincare products tailored to the unique needs of Southeast Asians, influenced by the region's hot climate and humidity, he adapted Japanese beauty technology to create a truly cross-cultural skincare line, known as teinei.

teinei, beauty redefined.

In a Japanese dictionary, "teinei" is typically translated as "polite." However, the essence of "teinei" goes beyond mere politeness. It embodies the profound values of thoughtfulness, carefulness, kindness, and respect. At teinei, these four principles are ingrained in everything we do, from the meticulous creation of our products to the way we cherish our customers.